• From Kitmonster to The Minimal Dad

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    Vientiane – Laos, July 2017

    Back in the day, when google was a cool start up, I wanted a gmail account. They were invite only and I desperately wanted one. I worked at a software company so you’d think they were easy to come by, but it still took weeks. Eventually a casual conversation with my database buddy lead to the much coveted invite and the bonus of being able to invite others. For a few hours, I was the coolest kid on the block. That was the day, I became kitmonster, the name I decided to add to the @gmail.com. I was so happy with myself, that I bought the domain and then signed up for every other free email service – hotmail, yahoo, excite . . . this was my identity on the web from then until now.

    But why kitmonster? Well the kit but was easy. I’m an Army brat. Kit had military connotations for me that had spilled over into my now civilian life. It was gear and equipment used for a purpose. In my case, caving, mountaineering, mountain biking, camping – all kit. And I had a lot and liked to think I knew what was the best. As I left my childhood behind, worked for a living, the silos of kit grew and grew. I added golfing, cooking, photography, gadgets, gardening, home improvement . . . I was a kitmonster and proud of it. I liked to be an early adopter and own the premium product. I wanted to buy products that would last. However, the vast majority of my purchase have long gone.

    Today, I am a couple of weeks into my final purge. The items I keep are my premium products, they were built to last – they’re great pieces of kit. As a minimalist, any new purchases have to fit that criteria.